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Which Statement Is True About The Factors Affecting Physical Fitness?

Which Statement is True About the Factors Affecting Physical Fitness?

“Which statement is true about the factors affecting physical fitness?” This is one of the first questions a fitness buff has to ask himself after he has decided that his quest for health and physical fitness is real and that he wants to get fit. The factors involved in this decision are not so easy to identify as they are a mixture of many different forces. These forces can be psychological, environmental and biological.

which statement is true about the factors affecting physical fitness

If you are not very sure what these three factors are then you should not hesitate to research a bit more about the subject. If you want to know which is true about the factors affecting physical fitness then you should definitely read this article. At the end of this article, you will be able to answer the question, “Which statement is true about the factors affecting physical fitness?” With the help of this article you will be able to answer this question confidently. First of all let us define what we mean by fitness. Fitness is the ability of a human being to live an active and healthy life in spite of the constraints of age, disease, or health.

The human body is capable of achieving and maintaining a state of physical perfection in a way that many factors act simultaneously in harmony to ensure its smooth operation. The factors that work in harmony to ensure the smooth functioning of the body are called fitness factors. Some of these factors are physiological and some are behavioral. Some of the physiological factors are the regulation of body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, body composition, and nutrient intake. These physiological factors affect and regulate the functioning of the entire human body.

The other factors that affect the body and help it function normally include a healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, relaxation and a healthy lifestyle. Healthy diet and exercise are important for the proper functioning of the entire digestive system and also aid in keeping the body energetic. Sleep aids in reducing fatigue and helps in maintaining good health. Relaxation and a healthy lifestyle facilitate good digestion and regular bowel movement. These habits can reduce the risk of many diseases and help maintain a healthy weight.

The question “which statement is true about the factors affecting physical fitness” can be answered by pointing out that both negative and positive effects of unhealthy habits can be disastrous. Physical inactivity, on the one hand, reduces the energy levels of an individual and increases the risk of contracting a variety of diseases; on the other hand, the indulgence in a healthy lifestyle tends to reduce the chances of contracting physical illnesses and at the same time helps an individual to lead a physically active life. However, these two examples do not prove that there is no difference between the concepts of health and fitness, and that both are equally important.

To sum up, people need to understand that the term ‘physical fitness’ refers to the ability of an individual to follow a specific routine and perform activities without becoming exhausted physically. While it is true that the former leads to better health and a lesser risk of contracting a range of illnesses, it must also be kept in mind that a healthy lifestyle and good diet do not mean starvation or that one has to give up eating as such. This is because the eating habits also affect the overall health. Therefore, a person has to understand that there is a link between the terms and know which statement is true about the factors affecting physical fitness.

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