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How Exercise Can Benefit Bone Density

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How Exercise Can Benefit Bone Density

As women get older, they have a tendency to become more likely to develop osteoporosis as a result of carrying out too much physical activity. Osteoporosis is when the bones become thin and brittle, often breaking easily, thus making it much more likely for a woman to suffer a fracture. In order to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, it is important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle by avoiding too much physical activity, especially when you are young and eating a well-balanced diet in order to keep your weight in check.

Exercise can help both prevent and relieve the risk of osteoporosis, although it is the men who seem to be at a greater risk of fracture. It seems that women are more prone to thinning bones, which is why they are usually advised to take an adequate amount of vitamin D each day. Vitamin D is a strong antioxidant that can help prevent the break down of healthy bones and its symptoms, including brittle bones.

Regular exercise is also extremely helpful in preventing osteoporosis, because it helps strengthen your bones and reduces your risk of fractures. This means that you will need less treatment for any fractures you may incur. It is suggested that women exercise thirty minutes each day, three times per week, which can be increased or decreased depending on your fitness.

Strenuous activity, such as running and walking, is important for the bones because it works out both the calcium and magnesium in your bones. The calcium helps to form new bone cells while the magnesium naturally strengthens your bones. It is suggested that you do at least thirty minutes of brisk walking daily. Swimming is also a good exercise for your body and will help to build muscle tone and strength. This means that you can also reap the benefits of consuming a healthy diet and you will be burning off calories that would otherwise be put to store fat.

The best way to keep bones strong is to engage in sports that involve repetitive bending and lifting. These types of activities are particularly important for women who are pregnant. You should also try to include weight-bearing exercises in your daily routine so that your bones stay healthy. You can do weight bearing exercises by swimming, running or walking on a treadmill. You can also do free weights, or machine weights, in the comfort of your own home.

Another benefit of exercise is bone density. Exercise is particularly important if you are older, because bone density decreases with age. This means that you are more likely to suffer a fracture if you are older than fifty years old. You should ensure that you eat a balanced diet that is rich in calcium so that you can keep your bones as strong as possible.

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